About Us

Effort by the Indian Police to track , trace and restore the Stolen and lost vehicles to the real owners by using modern methods and information Technology.

Why it needs to be done?

One of the major responsibilities of the police is to safeguard and protect the society from crime. It is imperative that the police have to be vigilant about the internal security. The world of crime has spread its horizons as days go by. The methods of committing crime have become more dangerous and obnoxious whereas the criminals have turned smarter and mean or ruthless. It has become the primary duty and obligation of police to unearth the crime and give deterrent punishment to the criminals. Due to the harsh punishments, people's idea about the police has been changed. The police are considered as agents of horror and a social evil by the public. This has caused the tarnishing of the image of police in the eyes of public. The decline of dignity of the police was the result of a gradual process.